What is C#

Essentially C# is a programming language. It’s a tool which allows programmers to make software.

How it all started

At one point a company called Microsoft was using a programming language called Java. They wanted to make some changes but the company that was responsible for the language didn’t want that, so they instead decided to make their own language and they named it C#.

When it comes to how it’s actually written, it’s quite similar to C and C++, hence, why it’s name is C# most likely. Not to mention, it’s extremely similar to Java as well. If you already know Java, you will be able to transition to C# quite easily and same thing is true if you jump to Java while knowing C#.

What can you make using C#

Since it’s a general purpose language, it isn’t used to create one specific thing, like a mobile app. Most of the common pieces of software that you tend to use is what you are able to make using C#. That includes things such as mobile apps, desktop apps, web apps and nowadays even games.

Even if you decide to make just one of those, you can always change your mind and go for something else, without having to learn a different language completely from scratch.

Is it still used

The next question that you may have is whether C# is still used nowadays. Well, it is backed by a huge company and is over 15 years old and has gone through several versions, which introduced various changes to it. And based on a survey made by StackOverflow in 2018, it was still among the most popular programming languages in the world. So if it’s going to disappear at some point, it’s not going to be anytime soon.

If you prefer a video instead of an article, feel free to check this one out.